mppt-logo-02The Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust encourages the development of health-related research in New Zealand by providing funds for research support.

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News for applicants

ANNOUNCEMENT of disruption to grants programme. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on international travel by staff at most tertiary institutions and district health boards, and the cancellation of numerous conferences, the Trust has made a decision to not fund Travel and Conference Support applications to the 2020 March/April funding round. Applications for Projects and Equipment will not be affected. A decision on Travel and Conference Support applications to the June/July funding round will be made at a later date.

The MPPT Trust Board met on the 28th November to consider and approve applications for projects, equipment, travel, and conference support. Fifty applications were received for the round , similar to 2017 (51) but lower than 2018 (79), due primarily to a reduced number of applications for travel.

The trustees approved a total of $256,000, the majority of which was for projects. The total amount approved was 24% of total funds requested, a percentage similar to other full rounds (projects, equipment, travel, conference support) over the previous three years.

Applicants are reminded that there is a one year stand-down period for projects and travel. Further, applications for travel to conferences will only be considered for approval if the date of travel occurs after the relevant Board meeting. This means that there will be no retrospective funding for travel. In practice this will not affect the majority of applicants as there are three travel rounds each year (with closing dates of 1st March, 1st June and 1st October and with respective Board meetings and final decisions in mid to late April, July and November). In some instances applicants may need to apply slightly earlier than previously. These changes, and other changes on eligibility, are covered under the grant categories.

Scholarships and Fellowships funded by the Trust can be found under the Scholarships and Fellowships page. Further information, including stipends payable, is available from institutional graduate student offices that administer the Trust’s programmes.

The office of the Trust is at 89 Grafton Rd, the phone number is 09 379 5316, the postal address is PO Box 110008 Auckland Hospital 1148, and the email address for all Trust correspondence is zn.tppm@tppm.

About the Maurice & Phyllis Paykel Trust

The Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust was established in 1973 by the late Mr. Maurice Paykel, philanthropist and co-founder of the Fisher and Paykel group of companies.

It is a charitable trust dedicated to the improvement of health through the support of research and sponsorship of research trainees in the health-related sciences.

The trust began distributing funds in 1975. Grants have been allocated each year since 1977, supporting projects in a broad range of health fields. A scientific committee assists the Trust Board with the ranking and selection of projects for financial support.

In 1980 the trust was incorporated as a charitable body under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

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Purpose of the Trust

The trustees have discretionary use of trust funds to advance medical or paramedical science, including research and education.

In practice, most expenditure is on research projects and the training of health research workers, including travel to scientific meetings and attendance at training courses.


Charitable Donations

The Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust was originally empowered to make a limited number of general charitable donations each year, but lost this ability when Maurice Paykel died in 2002. Since then the sole function of the trust has been to support health research.

Another trust was established by Mr Paykel to provide an independent source of funds for general charitable donations. This is a separate charitable body, incorporated in 1982 and known as the Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust. Further information about this trust is available on its website,