Your dashboard

After logging into the Repository, the first page you\'ll see is your dashboard.


In the menu at the left:

* *My applications* allows you to search and view all the applications you\'ve previously created.

* *My reports* lets you search and view any reports you\'ve submitted to the Paykel Trust.

* *New application* creates a _Project & equipment_, _Conference support_ or _Travel_ application for submission to the Paykel Trust.

* *My profile* lets you edit your personal details and change your password.

Also on this page:

* A list of institutions which have special instructions relating to Paykel Trust applications. If you\'re from one of these institutions please read the relevant instructions.

* Closing dates for the year\'s three funding rounds.

* A _LOG OUT_ link in the bottom right corner.

* A list of pending applications.

In the application list you can click on individual applications to display them. Until an application has been _submitted_, clicking here will allow you to edit the application details. You can also delete those applications by clicking the red *Delete* button.

Once an application has been submitted and considered by the Paykel Trust board it will no longer be displayed here, but it can still be accessed using the *My applications* option in the blue menu on the left.


If you can\'t find exactly what you need to know, send an email message to [, the Paykel Trust administrator].

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