New application

Each application type requires slightly different information, but all application types have the following fields in common.


If the information in the *Personal details* section is no longer current you can correct it here. Your changes will be retained for your next application.


To update your *Academic details*, select an _Institution_ from the list; the _Department_ field will then appear. As you type into this field, a list of options will appear for you to select from. When you select a Department, the _Area_ field will be displayed, and typing here will also display a list of options.


To enter *Keywords* start typing in the box beside the _Add_ button. As you type, a list of matching options will appear: select the one you want. Very occasionally it may be necessary to add a new keyword, but the available options are extensive. Note that two keywords are required for every application.


At least one *Associated file* must be provided for every application. The maximum file size is displayed: larger files will need editing before uploading or will have to be split into multiple separate files. To add a file click the _Browse_ button and locate the file on your computer. To delete a file already in the list, click on it and then confirm that you wish to remove it.


If you\'re associated with an institution which pre-approves applications, this box will be displayed when you\'ve finished entering application details. If the box is visible, your application will be forwarded to your institution for administrative approval before being automatically submitted to the Paykel Trust board. You\'ll receive an email message confirming this.


When you\'ve entered the required information for your application, you can choose to:

* *Save* it, so that you can edit it later before submitting it for approval.

* *Submit* it for approval.

* *Cancel* and lose any changes you\'ve made.

---- If you can\'t find exactly what you need to know, send an email message to [, the Paykel Trust administrator].

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