Project & equipment

In addition to the standard information detailed on the New application page, you need to provide the following information when creating a _Project & equipment_ grant application.


The *Project details* section has two mandatory fields:

1. The title of your project.

1. Your research field. As you start typing in this field, matching options will be displayed for you to select.

You can optionally add one or more co-applicants. Type part of your colleague\'s name in the box alongside the _Add_ button; matching options will be displayed for you to select. After selecting or entering a co-applicant click the _Add_ button to associate that name with the project.


To assist in the evaluation of your *Grant request*, split the amount sought between _Salaries_, _Equipment_, _Consumables_ and _Other_.


Each of the *Approvals* fields must have a value selected. The options are:

* _Not required_: not applicable to this project.

* _Pending_: approval has been requested and the result is being awaited.

* _Obtained_: ethics committee approval has been given.

* _Declined_: approval has been withheld.

If you encounter any difficulty saving or submitting your application, please read the page on Popup blockers as these not infrequently cause problems.

---- If you can\'t find exactly what you need to know, send an email message to [, the Paykel Trust administrator].

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