In addition to the standard information detailed on the New application page, you need to provide the following information when creating a _Travel_ grant application.


The *Travel details* section has three mandatory fields:

1. Enter the name of each event you will be attending in the _Event name(s)_ field, separated by commas if there\'s more than one.

1. Start typing in the _Research field_ and a list of matching options will be displayed for you to select from. If necessary you can enter a research field which is not listed.

1. List all the _Destinations_ you\'ll be visiting. Start typing in the box alongside the _Add_ button and a list of options will be displayed for you to select from. If necessary you can enter a destination which isn\'t listed.

You can optionally advise whether you\'ve offered a paper or a poster to one or more of the events you\'re attending. When you check either box, a further option will appear allowing you to advise whether your offer was accepted.


Present your *Budget* details as a breakdown of your total travel costs (these will be added as you enter them). Underneath the total, specify the grant you\'re seeking towards these costs.


Checking the *Agreement* box indicates your acceptance of the Paykel Trust board\'s decision on your grant application.

If you encounter any difficulty saving or submitting your application, please read the page on Popup blockers as these not infrequently cause problems.

---- If you can\'t find exactly what you need to know, send an email message to [, the Paykel Trust administrator].

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