Popup blockers

Some browsers are configured to block website popup dialogs. This is problematic for this Paykel Trust site because it makes extensive use of popups. If you find this Paykel Trust website doesn\'t work as expected, first check whether you have an active popup blocker.

Some browsers display an image at the top of the screen whenever a popup dialog is blocked:


Other popup blockers may not give any obvious indication of their activity.

*To ensure this Paykel Trust website works as designed, you need to ensure any popup blockers in your browser are turned off.* You may be able to tell your popup blocker to treat this Paykel Trust website as an exception, or you may have to manually turn your popup blocker off when using this site.

There are many pages on the internet with instructions for disabling popup blockers. The specific instructions to follow will depend on your browser and your computer\'s operating system. Some of the common options are listed on the following pages.

* Berkeley Lab\'s instructions

* Artstor\'s instructions

Don\'t worry about popup blockers _unless_ you find this Paykel Trust website is not working as expected.

---- If you can\'t find exactly what you need to know, send an email message to [mailto:admin@paykeltrust.co.nz, the Paykel Trust administrator].

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